Hello, online business owners,


Every participant will receive the award!


As we launched this week, we are announcing a giveaway event for all!


If you share our website with the others or like our Facebook page, we will upgrade your life-time free plan by adding new notification per your action.


For example, if you earn a total 13 points, we will activate

Video, Coupon, and Social Share notifications on your free plan.

You can add up to 3 different notifications on your free plan by participating in this event!

1.Video Notification (Total 6 points required)

2.Coupon Notification (Total 9 points required)

3.Social Share Notification (Total 13 points required)


Please note that the features will randomly be added if you participated in less than 5 options.


Enjoy sharing the potion with the loved ones!



  • You must sign up on and your email entered in this event should match with the one used to sign up on
  • You have to share our website on at least one of the SNS platforms in the list after signing up

Click here to participate!